Who are we...?

The PRETORIA ARMS AND AMMUNITION ASSOCIATION (PAAA) was formally established in May 1995 due to an initial desire by firearm owners to use their firearms safely under supervision, but not strictly in accordance with sport shooting rules. The fledgling “shooting club” (which started off with five members) soon evolved into something much more substantial when membership increased and members urged the “club” to cater primarily for their collecting needs and desires. Within 3 to 4 years the “club” was accordingly converted into a fully-fledged collectors’ association. The Constitution was amended to cater for these changes.

The PAAA is situated in Pretoria with most of its members in Gauteng, but it also has members in The Western Cape, North West, Eastern Cape and Mpumalanga. In accordance with the Firearms Control Act, No. 60 of 2000 accreditation as a collectors’ association was sought from and granted by SAPS. The PAAA was involved in the establishment of and is a founder member of the collectors’ umbrella and governing body, the National Arms and Ammunition Collectors’ Confederation of South Africa (NAACCSA).      


  • To promote the collecting, study, restoration, preservation and legitimate use of all arms and ammunition and related items;
  • to exchange information and knowledge amongst members and amongst associations and organisations with similar objectives;
  • to promote the safe handling and possession of arms and to establish sound arms etiquette;
  • to establish and maintain a sound knowledge of all relevant laws relating to firearms and ammunition; and
  • to encourage and assist members to apply for registration as collectors of firearms and ammunition;


  • To promote participation and involvement in legitimate firearms sport;
  • to promote lawful and ethical hunting;
  • to promote a sound knowledge of all relevant laws; and
  • to encourage members to join the South African Gunowners’ Association (SAGA).

Annually the PAAA provides eight practical shooting events and six theoretical (classroom) events to its 400+ members. The emphasis of both practical exercises and classroom events is on collectable firearms and these are viewed from a historical, technological, scientific, educational, cultural, commemorative, investment, rarity, thematic and artistic value perspective.

As a founder member of and leading role player in NAACCSA, the PAAA contributes by upholding ethical principles while ensuring information sharing among all collectors. As such the PAAA also contributes towards presentations to and meetings with the SAPD, Parliament and other stakeholders. In this regard, the PAAA is serious about the protection of free peoples’ constitutional rights and liberties and will leave no stone untouched to use all lawful endeavours to protect the rights of free people to possess and use firearms. The PAAA is a firm believer that all free and law-abiding people have the constitutional right to decide whether they wish to own firearms and possess and use it responsibly and for lawful purposes.

The PAAA plays a constructive role in nation-building by informing and educating the peoples of South Africa about the country’s rich history and its diverse cultures. In this regard, it contributes in participating in historical and cultural events such as the discharge of a black powder canon on the first Friday of every month at the Voortrekker Monument outside Pretoria and by re-enacting historical military events.